Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

Haunted Lehman Park is located at Lehman Community Park in Bushkill, PA.

We are about 20 minutes north of Stroudsburg, PA in the Poconos.

Looking for Directions? Click Here to find out how to get to our park.

When is the event?

We are open select weekends in October.

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How late can I show up?

It takes about 10-15 minutes to get into our parking lot and take the shuttle to our ticket window.

The Trick or Treat trail closes promptly at 9 pm. Please try to arrive at the park no later than 8 pm.

The Haunted attractions are open till our last customer is scared. However the ticket booth closes promptly at 10 pm. Please try to arrive in the parking lot no later than 9:30 pm.

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It is raining or bad weather, are you open?

We will try our best to open, however we are unable to run our attractions in the rain.

If it is raining or scheduled for rain please call our information line at: 1-855-SCARY-FUN to see if we are open.

How much does it cost?

Haunted Lehman Park is priced per attraction. We have four haunted attractions and a trick or treat trail.

You must have a ticket each time you walk through one of our attractions. You can always purchase additional tickets!

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Do I still have to pay even if I am not going through a haunt or trail?

Yes, although we do have a special spectator admission for just $2.

This includes our hayride down to the park and admission to see the shows and enjoy our vendors. You can also accompany your child through the trick or treat trail with this admission. A separate ticket is required to go through all haunted attractions.

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Do you accept credit cards or ATM cards?

Currently the only guaranteed way to purchase tickets at the park is with CASH. We may have limited credit card sales, but they may not be available at all times.

There is an ATM located at the Turkey Hill on the way to the park.

If you want to pay with credit card, you can also purchase our four haunt passes online.

Click here to purchase tickets online.

What should I wear?

Please check the weather forecast before coming to the park. The weather can vary greatly in this region day by day and even from the afternoon to the evening.

Our haunted trails travel across rough terrain. Please wear sensible footwear. Open toed shoes are not allowed. We are not responsible for any damage to clothing due to rips / tares / stains or from falling while on the trail.

Costumes are not allowed for guests over 12 years of age who are going through the haunted trails. For costumes make sure they are short enough that your child does not trip when walking.

Guests may not carry any hand held items on the trails.

Are costumes allowed?

We encourage costumes for the little kids who are going through the trick or treat trail and for our guests 12 years or younger.

Costumes are not allowed for guests over 12 years of age who are going through the haunted trails.

What is strictly prohibited on the haunted trails for guests over 12 years of age: Any Masks, Any Makeup on the Face or Any Full Length Costumes.

How scary is it?

Very Scary - We work hard to scare you as much as possible. If you aren't sure we recommend you start with a single haunted attraction.

We rate our attractions as PG-13 and strongly recommend parental discretion for kids under 13 years of age.

Note: There are no refunds once the tickets have been purchased.

Can kids go through the haunted attractions?

We rate our trails as PG-13 and strongly recommend parental discretion for kids under 13 years of age.

Kids must be able to walk the entire attraction. They are not allowed to be held. If your kids get too scared and must be held you will be escorted out the nearest emergency exit. This is for your and their safety.

Strollers are absolutely prohibited on the haunted midway. They are allowed in the trick or treat area.

Note: There are no refunds once the tickets have been purchased.

Is it safe?

Our attractions are very safe. We take every safety precaution to ensure that the attractions are safe for our guests and our staff.

The haunted attractions are inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and are inspected daily by our staff.

Additionally we have security, medical and fire safety staff on hand at all times.

Will the actors touch me?

Our actors are here to scare you, not to touch you.

Due to the small spaces an actor may accidently brush up against you or bump you slightly. If you have any concerns please bring it up to our staff. There is never an excuse to touch or hit our actors.

Do not touch our actors or you will be removed from the attraction without refund. We have security present at our attraction at all times and will prosecute any abuse of our actors to the full extent of the law.

Are there refunds offered?

Refunds are only offered if we are unable to continue operate the event for any reason (such as weather).

Once you have chosen to go through a haunted attraction and your ticket has been taken, no refunds will be offered.

If you are unsure if this activity is for you, we recommend purchasing a single haunt ticket first.

I heard some great music in your haunt, what was it?

We certainly have some great music in our haunt. Here is where you can find some of the music we play!

Our Asylum track was custom designed by Audio Zombie. They have some wonderful soundtracks for your haunted attraction as well.

Audio Zombie

Midnight Syndicate
Buzz Works
Nox Arcana

I love the amazing photography on this site, who took it?

All the photos on this website and most of our facebook pages are taken by Joel Styer Photography.

If you are interested in having him photograph your event or want to learn how to take amazing photos like the ones on our site, visit his website and find out more: Joel Styer Photography

Who produces this event?

This event is sponsored by Lehman Township.

This event also helps raise money for non-profit groups across the region through our actor volunteer program and the various food vendors.

I still have questions!

Please use this form to contact us.

NOTE: Due to the remote location of the park we are unable to answer these questions during haunt hours. Any staff member at the event will be able to assist you.