McGhees Farm

McGhee's Farm

McGhee and his family are waiting for you in the fields. Discover the curse that keeps them here.

The Story

The year was 1959 and the hills were being farmed by farmer McGhee and his clan.

Every spring he planted his field of corn, and every fall he harvested them and sold them at the local market.

For over 50 years he showed up every morning... doing his work, until one day he met his untimely fate.

As he was harvesting his corn, he slipped and fell ... and was impailed by a pitchfork.

But there was no rest for farmer McGhee, for each morning as if his routine was still there, his spirit arose for the morning chores.

He was restless, waiting for his turn at the afterlife. One by one he went after his family, having them join him in his curse.

They say you can still hear them out in these fields, working away looking for more souls to join them.